lmao people mock fanfiction but when u think about it some people manage to create novel-length stories that are extremely well written without getting paid and they do it on top of school and work and everything else in their lives just because they love to write and they love the original story or the people they write about like im pretty sure that’s more productive than being the person who is just sat there laughing at it all

TEEN WOOF by Madeline Hrybyk

(watch it. i’m serious)


♦✰ Rad Crap ✰♦


♦✰ Rad Crap ✰♦


I often wonder if you find yourself wandering about in your room,
Wide awake, insomniac, mind racing, thoughts spinning, 2 A.M,
Pacing back and forth to calm your jitters,
Your forehead creased with frustration, your jaw clenching and unclenching, fists by your side.

I can’t remember you much too well,
I’ve forgotten the shape of your nose and I can’t recall whether your cheeks were plastered in freckles or not,
I’ve forgotten the feel of your lips pressed against mine,
Do you still taste of peppermint?

You see, I stop and think about this time from time to time,
Wandering about in my room,
Wide awake, insomniac, mind racing, thoughts spinning, 2 A.M.

Do you remember me at all?
Do you remember my voice or my laugh?
Do you remember the way I would stumble and fall and how words would fail me every time I walked up to your door?
I don’t think you do.

But it’s 2 A.M and I’m wide awake, a pen in my hand,
Writing down everything I can’t help but miss about you,
And time is pushing me further and further away,
The distance beckoning to be heard,
But you are long gone in a separate direction,
And I’m still trying to find a way to cope with your departure.

- A.N, “Gone” (via prettypunkass)



will harry trying to wave at a fan and waving at his own face and getting confused ever stop being funny



this show is incredible

"Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress."
- Kiera Cass (via maxonshreaves)
"Stop planting flowers in peoples yards who aren’t going to water them."
- dudeshegay (via dudeshesgay)

@CameronMonaghan: I make character judgements based on whether people like animals. Worship Satan, I’ll still give you a chance. Hate dogs, we ain’t friends.